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Frequently Asked Questions
How is Direct Teach Time different?

Most computer based learning programs are pre-packaged and not flexible.  Direct Teach Time is a powerful tool to allow teachers to design and present their own Direct Instruction program. Teachers can build their programs to prompt for very specific learning targets, rather than selecting from basic categories and levels. This allows the teachers to employ learning programs that are based on very detailed assessments for each child's specific needs. 

Other systems tend to replace the teaching functions to one degree or another, and actually reduce the interaction between teacher and child. Direct Teach Time is not a teacher replacement, but rather a tool to manage the tedious task of error correction and record keeping so the teacher can concentrate on interacting with the child even more.

Also, other programs determine when a child has mastered a learning target based on internal, inflexible programming. Direct Teach Time allows the teacher to set the mastery criteria for each task individually. This, along with other customizable options, puts the control of the program in the teacher's hands, where it should be.

What research is your teaching procedure based on?

The basics for the teaching procedure follow the guidelines explained by Drs. Sundberg and Partington in 1998 ("Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disbilities").  Other key components and their supporting research include:

  • Varying instructional demands - Dunlap, 1984
  • "Errorless Learning" / reducing errors during instruction - Terrace, 1963; Sidman & Stoddard, 1966; many others
  • Including easy demands (distractors) to increase reinforcement density - Singer, Singer & Horner, 1987; many others
  • Fade in effort and difficulty - Wacker, Steege, Northup, Sasso, Reimers, et al, 1990

Besides the factors that could be programmed into this tool, many other aspects of direct instruction of children with autism have been documented and should followed.  Our staff can assist you to ensure that you understand these principles and employ them when building programs for your students.  Contact us for more information regarding assistance with making the most out of Direct Teach Time.

Is this program able to support standard assessment systems?

Yes!  In fact, the system was designed with support for reporting capabilities in mind, by allowing teachers to build programs which group questions or prompts by categories (tasks).  This allows the teacher to create tasks which map to categories within a specific assessment tool, and then build prompts under each one to represent the individual learning targets.   This allows the system to be used to support almost all assessment instruments.

How many teachers can use the system under one account?

Other than the Single Use Plan, there is no limit to the number of teachers. The subscription tiers only limit the number of students you can manage at one time. There are two levels of access control for teachers. Those marked as Administrators can add, edit and remove other teachers and students. They may also assign teachers to students. Teachers that are not flagged as Administrators can only see records for those students assigned to them.

Is my data safe?

YES!  Rackspace provides the infrastructure which runs Direct Teach Time.  Their security policy is second to none and can be reveiwed at any time here.  Additionally, the software and server management itself is provided by ABK Technologies using industry best practices, as well as employing third-party security scans of the entire system at regular intervals.   

The entire server is backed up nightly and can be rebuilt within a few hours should a disaster occur.  We take the security of your data very serious because we know you demand it.