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Flexible Program Design
  • The software doesn't design the learning program, the teacher does
    View demonstration of how to build customized program being built here
  • Learning targets grouped by common tasks
  • Multiple types of prompts allowed including:
    • Tacting
    • Vocal imitation
    • Motor imitation
    • Receptive commands
    • "W" questions
    • Category recognition
    • Select from an array
  • Customized criteria for each task or category
  • Customized reward prompt
  • Ability to select specific learning targets at the beginning of each teaching session


Built in error correction
  • Prompts for correct answer on error
  • Automatically re-prompts incorrect items after presenting distractor (previously mastered) prompts
  • Automatically re-prompts later in context to increase mastery
Tracks mastery of learning targets
  • Cold probe of selected targets presented at the beginning of each teaching session
  • Mastery tracked based on customized criteria for task
  • Re-check for mastery at later date
Provides accountability
  • Various detailed reports available of all data presented and results of each teaching session
  • Administrators can view reports from teachers
  • Reports from in-home use can be viewed by school administrators
  • Completely web-based.   No software to install or maintain
  • May be accessed from any computer with Internet connection
  • No Flash used.  Compatible with all major web browsers and operating systems
  • Smart Board friendly

Please take a look at a brief online demonstration.  We will have more demonstration and instructional videos available soon to provide an insight into other features of Direct Teach Time.